Who doesn’t want to live on a country estate? Or just wants to go there to enjoy the nature and to get into your inner self. This and much more is exact what the “New country estate Seventh” has to offer you. A lot of green, ponds and edible gardens. Idyllic spots to explore by foot. Nature pool. Golf. Beautiful spots where one can eat in the countryside or in a tea house. Enough for almost every hobby. A terrain with 1 large and 6 smaller pyramids of glass on a large country estate. A desire for the eye and the heart. In other words: Seventh is developed for an ideal way of living, work, recreation and to be healthier. Seventh will deliver high quality products and services to create an superior environment for the wellbeingand therefore contributes to a higher quality of life. New country estate Seventh is the oasis for live, health, work and recreation.

In the past there has been built without an optimal involving of the nature. Connecting with nature and natural materials ensures raising the awareness value. And if old knowledge can help us, what will stop us to exploit that?

Pyramids stood for more elements of life than everyone thinks. For power and for knowledge. And don’t forget for sustainability. The shape of a pyramid makes people more alert, it harmonizes fields, accelerates the growth and energizes people. In Seventh meetings are shorter, there’s no obstruction by electric fields and stress will reduce.

Here grows every plant faster and gets more energy. The plants in the edible gardens under the pyramid grow faster and there is no pesticide and artificial fertilizer required , while the quality of the plants healthier is.